Gurteen Knowledge Events: Europe/Russia/Middle East/North Africa Thu, 25 May 2017 09:16:14 +0100 This feed lists events that have recently been posted on the Gurteen Knowledge website in the Europe/Russia/Middle East/North Africa region (David Gurteen) (David Gurteen) Gurteen Knowledge$File/gurteen170x60.gif en-us Custom Lotus Notes Agent 7th HR Minds Employee Engagement Forum Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 01 - 02 Jun 2017<br>Organizer: GLC - Global Leading Conferences<br>Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands<br><br>In the ever-increasing pace of the 21st century, it is essential for all HR professionals to, apart from their traditional role, become familiar with various areas of the business. As the world is shrinking, talent needs to be identified both globally and locally by utilizing information technology and alternative approaches. While capturing talent becomes a more transparent and brand-based process, retaining talent becomes an ever more challenging task. Global trends are likely to influence organisations, the next generation coming into the workplace, and what they are going to expect. How to develop a strategy of Right Job for the Right Person at the Right Career Developmental Stage? What motivates people and keeps them engaged? What are the most successful and handy TECH innovations worldwide? How to promote the company brand within the employed colleagues hence creating a higher rate for retention? How can HR add value when anchoring a new business culture? At this event we will be discussing answers to these and related pressing questions that various HR departments face across Europe. EC7D70AEA55F6504802581140052DB6D Fri, 05 May 2017 08:28:24 +0100 David Gurteen Empowering conversation in the workplace Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Thu 11 May 2017<br>Organizer: Henley Forum<br>Location: Henley on Thames, United Kingdom<br><br>Conversation is not a nice-to-have but a critical competence of a 21st-century organisation. But often we take it for granted and fail to capitalise on the power of conversation to drive performance, transfer learning, build relationships, make better decisions, innovate and more! <br><br> Our first event in our 2017/18 programme explores this important theme to help you develop new actionable insights. Join us to explore how you can empower conversation in your organisation. <a href="" target="_blank">View full Agenda</a>. <br><br> We will share ideas, experiences and tools through a range of speaker and workshop sessions. Helping you to enhance performance and unlock potential in your own organisations. In brief: <br><br> Dr Sharon Varney will warm up your thinking on today&#039;s theme. David Gurteen of Gurteen Knowledge will convene a Knowledge Caf&eacute; – using conversation to help you explore how to empower conversation in your own organisation. Fiona Hiscocks and Jim Scopes from Sparknow will consider the issue of speaking up – empowering more difficult conversations. And Vicky Short and Monica Danese-Perrin from Lloyds Banking Group will lead us through our Members&#039; Showcase. They will share how they put people at the heart of their work in embedding Knowledge Management into a fast paced Financial Services organisation that is in the midst of a large scale digital transformation. Plus Dr Christine Van Winkelen will be on hand to offer some signposts to help you navigate Henley Forum content related to today&#039;s theme. D7F4B1D5BAC1840B8025810D0053DAF4 Tue, 25 Apr 2017 16:20:17 +0100 David Gurteen Free personal development conference: Leading Edge Annual Conference 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Tue 12 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: IGD Leading Edge<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br><p>The Leading Edge Annual Conference 2017 is a free, full day personal development event, exclusively for those in the food and grocery industry. This years' theme is Power your Performance.</p> <p>What does powerful performance bring to mind? Athletes at the top of their game, corporate leaders breaking new ground, Oscar-winning actors? The list goes on!</p> <p>We all perform and we all perform well, but are we always giving our best?</p> <p>This year's Leading Edge Annual Conference line-up features people who are powerful performers themselves, and they're ready to show us how we, too, can power our own performance.</p> <p>12th September 2017 at QEII Conference Centre, London.</p> <p>Programme:</p> <p>- Registration and refreshments.<br />- Welcome.<br />- Powering your Performance . . . starts here. <br />- High-Impact Speaking: how to win hearts, minds and (perhaps) promotion through public speaking. <br />- Tomorrow's Digital Shopper. <br />- Industry Innovation Showcase. <br />- IGD 'Leading Edge' Award &ndash; this year's finalists announced. <br />- Charisma &ndash; an authentic power. <br />- The power of simplicity: how the best leaders make leadership easy. <br />- Celebrity guest speaker &ndash; who will be inspiring us this year?</p> <p><strong>Time</strong>: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.</p> <p><strong>Sub-Categories</strong>:<br />Conferences | Lifestyle, Arts &amp; Leisure | Food &amp; Related Goods. <br />Conferences | Education | Training.</p> <p><strong>Artists / Speakers</strong>: Simon Bucknall, Nikki Owen, JJ Lynch, Lenny Henry, Vanessa Henry, Haidee Elise.</p> <p><strong>Price</strong>:<br />Full day ticket: GBP 0.00.</p> CF7721DE265D5671802581290021706A Wed, 24 May 2017 07:58:04 +0100 David Gurteen