Gurteen Knowledge Events: Europe/Russia/Middle East/North Africa Tue, 12 Dec 2017 03:00:49 +0000 This feed lists events that have recently been posted on the Gurteen Knowledge website in the Europe/Russia/Middle East/North Africa region (David Gurteen) (David Gurteen) Gurteen Knowledge$File/gurteen170x60.gif en-us Custom Lotus Notes Agent 13th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 20 - 21 Sep 2018<br>Organizer: Academic Conferences and Publishing International<br>Location: Aveiro, Portugal<br><br>ECIE 2018 is an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants from around the world who are involved in the study, management and development of innovation and entrepreneurship in business, the public sector and in education to come together and exchange ideas. 6C69296DC61155B0802581D9004F0170 Wed, 15 Nov 2017 15:19:59 +0000 David Gurteen Arabian Gulf Career Development Forum 2017 (CADEF) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 18 - 20 Dec 2017<br>Organizer: <br>Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait<br><br>The conference theme for 2017 annual meeting would be: the construction of systemize knowledge management and supportable training session in work organization. <br><br> The conference aims to bring together experts practitioner and participants from governmental institution as well as private companies who are specialized in areas of Knowledge Management, Learning & development ,Employees Development ,Education and Competencies Building. <br><br> Fort more information contact <a href =''>Dr. Fahad Alnaser</a> C46B3DD915D63609802581D400355345 Mon, 13 Nov 2017 06:33:17 +0000 David Gurteen IIKM KM Conference 2018 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 20 - 23 Jun 2018<br>Organizer: International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management<br>Location: Pisa, Italy<br><br>KM Conference invites empirical and conceptual papers dealing with theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management. 3A36124638474E9F802581E600682A79 Mon, 04 Dec 2017 08:52:35 +0000 David Gurteen International Days of Competences for the Future Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 12 - 14 Mar 2018<br>Organizer: Poznan University of Technology<br>Location: Poznan, Poland<br><br><b>International Days of Competences for the Future<b> is a unique opportunity to present the results of scientific work in a single place and time, and to exchange practical experience in the field of broad-based management. The special emphasis will be placed on the Future Competencies. BE957DAAAB703FBC802581ED0048D768 Tue, 05 Dec 2017 13:15:37 +0000 David Gurteen KM: The Scores (October 2018) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Wed 24 Oct 2018<br>Organizer: Helene Russell at The Knowledge Business<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br>How do you measure the success of knowledge projects? Is it even possible to measure "Knowledge"?<br> Come along to an afternoon workshop on practical solutions to measuring knowledge projects and learn tools and techniques gathered from more than a decade in Knowledge work.<br> Learn from Helene Russell, contributor to Ark's "Measuring the ROI of KM" and sole author of KM Handbook and Practical Projects in Legal KM. 7137EF52D316348E802581D000589E4F Tue, 28 Nov 2017 09:42:56 +0000 David Gurteen KM: The Works (Sept 2018) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Thu 27 Sep 2018<br>Organizer: Helene Russell at The Knowledge Business<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br>All you need to know to start in Knowledge Management. <br><br> An intensive day-long event to get you started in KM. All the basic theory and practical tools and techniques to hit the ground running. C78FCE672E39C195802581D00057A706 Tue, 28 Nov 2017 09:43:50 +0000 David Gurteen