Gurteen Knowledge Events: Europe/Russia/Middle East/North Africa Tue, 18 Sep 2018 03:00:54 +0100 This feed lists events that have recently been posted on the Gurteen Knowledge website in the Europe/Russia/Middle East/North Africa region (David Gurteen) (David Gurteen) Gurteen Knowledge$File/gurteen170x60.gif en-us Custom Lotus Notes Agent CILIP Knowledge Cafe Masterclass Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Thu 01 Nov 2018<br>Organizer: CILIP<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br>Information management and knowledge management shouldn't be primarily about capturing and sharing stuff, it should be about making sense of how the world works. We understand things through the everyday conversations we have with each other. How are these conversations started? It's by asking powerful questions. David Gurteen is bringing his Knowledge Cafe masterclass to CILIP. It's for anyone interested in facilitating more purposeful, constructive and creative conversations in their team or organisation and will be of particular interest to people working in the knowledge and information management sectors. <br><br> “It sounds such a simple idea, but until you have experienced a Knowledge Caf&eacute; you won't understand just how powerful they can be in connecting people, generating new ideas and tackling issues. David in particular brings a special kind of energy to the room that really helps, but when you stop and think about it, we are given very little time in our working lives to engage honestly and authentically with one another in that uniquely human activity, that fundamental building block of trust and understanding; conversation." <br><br> James Brown (ex. Head of Performance and Knowledge Management) <br> Surrey County Council <br><br> By attending this event you will: <ul> <li> Experience an actual Knowledge Cafe <li> Understand the background, motivation and principles behind the Knowledge Cafe <li> Learn how to design and run a Knowledge Cafe <li>Learn how to facilitate effectively small group and whole group conversations <li>Understand how to adapt the Knowledge Cafe for different purposes </ul> 78296FFBE425A6F1802582F20047E421 Fri, 31 Aug 2018 09:18:33 +0100 David Gurteen Licence: cultureQs® Professional Facilitator Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 09 - 10 Oct 2018<br>Organizer: Eric Lynn cultureQs<br>Location: Munich, Germany<br><br>Participation in this two-day programme enables you to facilitate interventions using cultureQs® with access to the complete resources of cultureQs® Professional and extensive back-up support. <br> This Programme is designed for internal and external Facilitators and Change Agents. <br> • It is a Journey of Discovery into the Art of Dialogue, Deep Listening, Creating a Trust Space, the Art of the Invitation, Powerful Questions. <br> • It will enable you to consultant, prepare, facilitate and guide "sense-making" interventions, using cultureQs to accelerate value creation for clients in any change and integration process. <br> • It gives you access to the complete resources of cultureQs® Professional in multiple languages - available exclusively to Licenced cultureQs® Professional Facilitators. CC7BA5EA286C6E48802582F10054A7B1 Thu, 23 Aug 2018 09:10:00 +0100 David Gurteen