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I will be taking part in a radio show on Dubai Eye this Sunday 27 October at 11:00am GST (7:00am GMT)

Posted to Gurteen Mail Log by David Gurteen on 24 October 2013



I will be taking part in a radio show on Dubai Eye this Sunday 27 October at 11:00am GST (7:00am GMT)
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Posted DateThursday 24 October 2013 11:11 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen
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To: Gurteen Knowledge Community Members in Middle East & North Africa

I thought you might like to listen in to a radio show in which I am taking part this Sunday 27 October 2013 at 11:00am GST (7:00am GMT) on Dubai Eye 103.8 (@DubaiEye1038FM)

The show is Voices of Diversity with presenter Suzanne Radford (@suzanneradford) and her co-host Samineh Shaheem (@SaminehShaheem), a cross cultural psychologist.

The topic of the show this Sunday will be "Conversation making across cultures: How to talk to each other truthfully without causing offence or conflict."

Suzanne tells me that in the hour before I join the show that they will be talking about misunderstandings and common sayings and meanings across cultures. And then when I join they will explore in more detail with me the art of conversation, sharing of ideas and relationship building.

You can listen live on the web here

I hope I am not too bleary-eyed, having landed at 6:30am local time, 3:30am UK time on an overnight flight from London to get there in time for the show!

Best wishes David

Gurteen Knowledge
Fleet, United Kingdom

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