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10 Jun - 10 May 2014


Museum of London


London, United Kingdom





Stories have a powerful role to play in organizations as a source of insight, as a vehicle for sharing knowledge, as a way of generating energy and enthusiasm, as a means of engagement…

At this event, we will be convening people from a wide range of backgrounds to share their experiences, practices and approaches and learn about the impact that stories can have on organizations – how they can illuminate and obscure, unite and divide, spark and drain energy.

We're curious about the role storytelling can play in revitalizing the heart of the organization and what it stands for, in effecting change and in getting the disenfranchised and disenchanted to join in.

Video: Web 2.0 for public officials.

Persona: David Gurteen (legendado) from igovsp persona on Vimeo.

David Gurteen discute as influências da web 2.0. para os funcionários públicos e as mudanças no relacionamento entre os níveis hierárquicos.

David Gurteen discute as influências da web 2.0. para os funcionários públicos e as mudanças no relacionamento entre os níveis hierárquicos. (David Gurteen discusses the influences of web 2.0. for public officials.) Filmed at KM Brasil 2008.

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