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Welcome to the Gurteen Knowledge Website. My name is David Gurteen and this site is primarily a resource for the Gurteen Knowledge Community - a global learning community of over 21,000 people in 160 countries.

The main themes of this site are knowledge management, learning, creativity, innovation and personal development and it consists of over 5,000 pages.

Everything on this site is open and you do not need to be a member to access any part of it or to subscribe to any of the services provided.

You can learn more about me here and my services here.

You may also like to read my weblog, subscribe to my RSS feed for this site, follow me on Twitter or sign up to my free knowledge letter.

If you would like me to run an in-house Knowledge Cafe for you like the one above then please contact me.

The Gurteen Knowledge Search Engine is a customised Google search engine that searches over 800 KM related websites and weblogs.


Community Cafés

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Gurteen Community Cafés are learning communities. And are the regular meetings of the Gurteen Knowledge Community. They normally take the form of a Knowledge Cafe.

Their purpose is to bring people together to learn from each other in order that they may make a difference.
Community Cafés

Gurteen Knowledge Community
The Gurteen Knowledge Community
The Gurteen Knowledge Community is a global learning community of over 21,000 people in 160 countries across the world.

The community is for people who are committed to making a difference: people who wish to share and learn from each other and who strive to see the world differently, think differently and act differently.

Membership of the Gurteen Knowledge Community is free.
Knowledge Community

David Gurteen

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I help people to share their knowledge; to learn from each other; to innovate and to work together effectively to make a difference!

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